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Seeed WM1302 Raspberry Pi Hat

Seeed WM1302 Raspberry Pi Hat

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Note: WM1302 Module not included. You will only receive the Pi Hat.
  • Standard Pi Hat form factor with 40 pins female pin header
  • Raspberry Pi versions up to 4B compatible
  • GPS Module embedded
  • LoRaWAN authentication chip embedded
  • SKU: 113100022

WM1302 Pi HAT is an add-on expansion board designed specifically for attaching the WM1302 LoRaWAN Gateway module(SPI) based on SX1302 to Raspberry Pi versions up to Raspberry Pi 4B. It also integrates the LoRaWAN authentication chip and GPS module.

WM1302 module is a new generation of LoRaWAN gateway module with mini-PCIe form-factor. Based on the Semtech SX1302 baseband LoRaWAN chip, WM1302 unlocks the greater potential capacity of long-range wireless transmission for gateway products. It features higher sensitivity, less power consumption, and lower operating temperature than the previous SX1301 and SX1308 LoRa chip.

WM1302 Pi HAT supports the WM1302 module's mini-PCIe form-factor and can automatically configure the standard 52-pin golden fingers to the Raspberry Pi GPIO connector with a 40-pin compatible header. This simplifies the development process for users to integrate with Raspberry Pi. WM1302 Pi HAT works as an extension board and helps add the functionality of SX1302 on the Raspberry Pi, to support LoRaWAN and LoRa protocols for long-range wireless transmission. The GPS module integrated also enhances the accuracy of timing and location of the WM1302 module.

WM1302 Pi HAT, together with the WM1302 Gateway Module and Raspberry Pi, can help construct your very completed and compacted LoRaWAN wireless communication gateways supporting smart agriculture, smart cities, and other IoT scenarios.


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