Trackpac's asset tracking solution keeps you informed about the movement of your valuable items. It utilizes the Helium Network for real-time location tracking of any asset, pet, or person equipped with an onboard tracking device.

  • Pet Tracking

    Live track your pets and get alerts when they leave or enter an area. Trackpac has the perfect pet tracker for dogs, cats, livestock and more.

  • Bicycle tracking

    Live track your bike to show route covered, distance travelled and more. Get alerts when your bike leaves or enters a geofence. Trackpac has the perfect bike tracker for bikes.

  • Valuables Tracking

    Real-time tracking for your valuables and receive notifications when they move in or out of a designated area. Ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

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  • Instant Location Updates

    Set up geofences and receive live alerts when your trackers enter/exit.

  • Battery Data

    Monitor each tracker’s battery life and receive alerts when the battery's running low.

  • 10x Cheaper Than 4G

    Comparative technologies use 4G and telephone networks. Costing 10x more than LoRaWAN.

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