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Helium Developer Kit

Helium Developer Kit

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Support Helium Regions EU868, AU915, US915, AS923.

Click. Code. Connect!

This affordable kit features a selection of 13 different WisBlock IO and WisBlock Sensor modules to give you a quick start for the development of your next project on the Helium network.

Includes two complete core and base boards so you can build two projects using only one kit. Besides all WisBlock modules and antennas, this kit comes with a handy manual screwdriver that makes it easy to fix the modules on the RAK5005-O baseboard.

Bundle Components:

WisBlock Base

  • 2pcs RAK5005-O | WisBlock Base Board

WisBlock Core

  • 2pcs RAK4631 | WisBlock LPWAN Module

WisBlock Sensor

  • 1pc RAK1901 | WisBlock Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • 1pc RAK1902 | WisBlock Barometer Pressure Sensor
  • 1pc RAK1903 | WisBlock Ambient Light Sensor
  • 1pc RAK1904 | WisBlock 3-axis Acceleration Sensor
  • 1pc RAK1906 | WisBlock Environmental Sensor
  • 1pc RAK1910 | WisBlock GNSS Location Module
  • 1pc RAK18000 | WisBlock PDM Stereo Microphone Module

WisBlock Interface

  • 1pc RAK1920 | WisBlock Sensor Adapter Module
  • 1pc RAK5801 | WisBlock 4-20mA Interface Module
  • 1pc RAK5802 | WisBlock RS485 Interface Module
  • 1pc RAK5804 | WisBlock Interface Extension Module
  • 1pc RAK5811 | WisBlock 0-5V Interface Module

WisBlock Wireless

  • 1pc RAK2305 | WisBlock WiFi Interface Module


  • 2pcs LoRa Antenna
  • 2pcs BLE Antenna
  • GPS Antenna
  • Manual Screwdriver

Documentation: Helium Developer Kit 
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