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SenseCAP M1 SD Card Replacement Kit

SenseCAP M1 SD Card Replacement Kit

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SenseCAP M1 MicroSD kit is for upgrading or replacing MicroSD card within the SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway.

The kit comes with a 64GB MicroSD card with burned SenseCAP M1 Image, a screwdriver, and a MicroSD card reader. Users could easily replace their SenseCAP MicroSD card using SenseCAP M1 MicroSD kits.

Since every device has a unique “config.json” configuration file, you will need to copy the “config.json” from the original MicroSD in SenseCAP M1 to the new MicroSD before you could replace it.

Please create a tech support ticket to require for the file on Official SenseCAP MX Community on Discord. You will need to provide a picture of your device label to prove the ownership.


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