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SenseCAP K1100 - Sensor Prototype Kit with LoRa and AI

SenseCAP K1100 - Sensor Prototype Kit with LoRa and AI

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In the digital age where IoT and big data are becoming more prevalent, massive data collection through sensors is required to facilitate digital transformation. Under such a background, SenseCAP K1100 comes with all the essential sensors and devices, including a Wio Terminal, an AI Vision Sensor, and a LoRa®-enabled module - that together allows users of all backgrounds and levels to create DIY sensors for data collection and solving real-world challenges.
  • Deploy in 10 Minutes: Build an AIoT project through 3 steps in 10 minutes
  • Advanced Technologies: Combination of Machine Learning, LoRa® technology, and pre-trained embedded AI Vision Sensor
  • Great Extensibility: Compatible with 400+ Grove sensors to support extensive applications and customization options
  • Broad Integration: Compatible with mainstream platforms for Cloud support
  • Open-source Platform: Compatible with beginner-friendly programming platforms enabling co-creation of IoT sensors
  • Upgradable to Industrial Sensors: Gateway to the higher-end SenseCAP series of outdoor sensors for industrial usage

SenseCAP K1100 enables the easiest deployment and the shortest processing time from the front end to the cloud system. We've spared no effort to adapt the kit to the SenseCAP platform, which provides convenient and full Cloud support. Therefore, the complex and lengthy process to get started will be a thing of the past, and people of various backgrounds and skillsets can make DIY sensors to develop AIoT solutions within 10 minutes.

Application to Start With
  • Human Traffic Flow Detection: Monitor the data of human traffic flow using the AI Vision Sensor
  • Indoor Air Quality Control: Detect various gas types and carbon dioxide in the air to monitor the atmospheric environment indoors
  • Potted Plants Health Monitor: Monitor data of temperature, humidity, and soil moisture to maintain the optimal environment for the desktop potted plants

Resource and Recommendation
For SenseCAP K1100, we provide abundant product documentation and recommended content for reference. Check the links below for materials support.

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Get started with the powerful SenseCAP Cloud:
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To acquire instructions on Arduino sensors programming:
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