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Seeed Outdoor Waterproof Solar Panel - 12W

Seeed Outdoor Waterproof Solar Panel - 12W

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Solar panels can be used where there is no power grid and enough sunlight to generate the necessary power for the sensor infrastructure.
  • Mono Cel Solar Cells
  • Working temperate from -20°C to 70°C
  • Peak Power: 12W
  • Durable: suitable for long-term outdoor applications
  • Robustness: the sturdy frame protects the solar panel from deformation
  • Easy installation: comes with a bracket
  • SKU: 114992711

Measuring weather and other data for outdoor application scenarios often requires sensors and data loggers in places far from any power grid. To supply power to remote sensor infrastructure, a sensor system can generate its own power. In most cases, the cheapest and most convenient method is solar panels combined with a battery. When the sun is bright enough solar panels provide enough electricity to power the sensor system and charge the battery for the night or during times when the sunlight is not sufficient.

The 12W Solar Panel can be used as a convenient, cheap, and clean solution for supplying power of your applications such as environmental monitoring in agriculture, forestry, garden, or a security camera in your home or garden, etc.

As most of Seeed IIoT products are aiming for environmental sensing scenarios, this 12 Solar Panel will come in handy for your applications with Seeed IIoT products: SenseCAP Sensor Hub and its Sensors. The Solar panel is robust enough to withstand the harsh conditions required in agriculture and environmental monitoring. The 6-pin waterproof aviation connector can be directly connected to the Sensor Hub. It charges the integrated battery of the Sensor Hub to supply electricity when the solar panels do not supply enough power.

Environmental monitoring in remote areas like monitoring weather conditions in national parks or monitoring soil conditions on farmland are just some possible applications.


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