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Helium Solar Panel Mapper Kit

Helium Solar Panel Mapper Kit

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Important information: The kits do not include a battery. If a non-rechargable battery is used with WisBlock Base Board it has to be unplugged before connecting the USB cable to the port on the board in order to configure the device. Not doing so might damage the battery and cause damage to the battery and board.

Build your own Helium Mapper Node with the WisBlock based solution. Support the community-driven Helium Mapper project. Helium Mappers is a community-driven project looking to provide information about the effective coverage for nodes (LoRaWAN end devices) within the Helium Network. The coverage map is available at

The Helium Mapper Kit includes everything to build a Helium Mapper in a short time. The WisBlock Core modules are already flashed with the Helium Mapper Firmware. All you have to do is to set up the connection to your Helium Console. Follow the guide on Make a Helium Mapper With The WisBlock article to set up your Helium Mapper in a very short time.

Solar Panel Helium Mapper Kit:
  • RAK5005-O
  • RAK4631
  • RAK1904
  • RAK1910
  • RAKBox-B2
  • LoRa antenna
  • BLE antenna
  • GPS antenna

Tutorial and Quickstart Guides:

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