New Tools and Features of the GEODNET Console - Mapping Network

New Tools and Features of the GEODNET Console

GEODNET is a revolutionary decentralized network of Space Weather mining stations that report the real-time influence of the Sun's solar winds on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals.

The data collected by the network will be used in a variety of applications, including climate change monitoring, autonomous driving, hi-resolution mapping, autonomous construction, UAV logistics, unmanned farm, VR/AR, geodetic surveying, and deformation monitoring.

This article will give you an overview of GEODNET and the most up-to-date features of the GEODNET console, whether you're new to GEODNET or familiar with the community.

What Makes GEODNET Remarkable?
GEODNET is the first network of its kind that leverages the Earth's surface as the resource, which provides enormous value for the network. By installing a new class of Space Weather stations on rooftops, GEODNET aims to collect extensive real-time geospatial data about Earth and its atmosphere.

The term "Space Weather" describes the effects of the Sun and solar wind on the Earth's Atmosphere. It is important because it can significantly affect technology and infrastructure on Earth, including satellite and GPS navigation, power grids, and communication systems.

Real-time Space Weather data can power various IT applications, such as millimeter-accurate position measurements and nanosecond timing. It can also help to monitor air quality and sea levels and predict earthquakes.

So far, monitoring Space Weather has been costly and restricted to regionally operated specialized networks called "CORS" (Continuously Operated References Stations).

GEODNET is building a new global cyber infrastructure by utilizing cutting-edge receiver technology and the power of blockchain. This new infrastructure will provide a robust range of measurements at a significantly reduced cost.

Latest Features of GEODNET Console
The GEODNET Console is the web platform that allows users to access and control their GEODNET stations. The console provides a convenient dashboard for users to track the performance of their stations, as well as several new features.

Location NFTs
The new GEODNET Location NFTs are rewards to early adopters for deploying high-quality miner and antenna installations that provide significant value to the network.

The Location NFT will protect earnings no matter how many new miners come online in the same area as long as the miner maintains a 98% Rolling Reward Rate (more on Rolling Reward Rate below).

New features of the Location NFT will be released at the beginning of Q1 2023. The current collection on Opensea is available to view here.

Rolling Reward Rate
The Rolling Reward Rate (RRR) is a new metric that considers optimized installation, which includes effective satellites viewable to the miner antenna along with a stable WiFi connection. Miner operators must achieve a 98% or better RRR for 30 consecutive days in order to receive the GEODNET Location NFT.

New Hex Map
The GEODNET network's coverage is depicted on the map now as hexagons.

In the future, each Resolution 5 hexagon will be assigned directly to a Location NFT, offering its owner maximum rewards no matter how many new miners come online in the same hex.

However, to reward early adopters, all miners that operate at 98%+ RRR through January 31, 2023, will receive a Location NFT that entitles them to maximum rewards, no matter how many others are within their hex. After that, only one Location NFT will be assigned per hex.

A purple outline on the blue miner location indicator on the map identifies miners that have been assigned a Location NFT.

Location NFT Alpha Program
GEODNET is currently testing the first batch of 103 NFTs with 93 unique users.

The GEODNET Console is an innovative platform that allows users to access and control their own Space Weather mining stations. Its latest features, such as Location NFTs, Rolling Reward Rate, and the new Hex Map, are designed to reward early adopters that deploy high-quality antenna installations and stable WiFi connection.

With blockchain technology powering this new global cyber infrastructure, GEODNET has created an amazing opportunity for miners who want to be part of something revolutionary.

You can start mining the sky today!

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