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What is Trackpac? What Problems Does it Solve?

What is Trackpac? What Problems Does it Solve?

Trackpac is a new technology tracking device that uses the helium network to track various items. From vehicles to personal belongings to Pets, Trackpac offers a cost-effective tracking solution in real-time. This technology comes at a relatively low cost compared to traditional GPS and GSM, which offer the location feature.

Trackpac is strongly affiliated with the Helium community and shares in the idea of promoting a global reliable wireless coverage. Hence, the use of Helium Network for asset tracking.

Trackpac has a strong affiliation with the Helium Network, allowing it to benefit from its wide wireless coverage.

Benefits of the Helium Network
Trackpac uses the helium network to track various items and even persons, in real time. This global decentralised LoRaWAN People’s Network allows Trackpac to offer users impressive tracking capabilities.

Wide Range and Coverage
Trackpac is built on the Helium network, an open technology that creates a truly decentralised and extensive wireless infrastructure accessible to all users. With this technology, devices get an extensive coverage and can communicate 200 times further than typical Wi-Fi.

Affordable Pricing
Trackpac brings to users realtime location tracking at a ridiculously less expensive connectivity cost. And thanks to the Helium technology, Trackpac is able to offer low power use and long-distance location tracking for everyone at 10 times less traditional GPS trackers.

Trackpac Solutions
With the help of the Helium Network—a global decentralized and trusted wireless infrastructure, Trackpac helps to solve a lot of challenges associated with the real-time location. Thanks to the thousands of Helium nodes available worldwide, this tracking technology has become a reality and a solid alternative to more expensive GPS options.

The Helium community keeps growing daily, with more people contributing to the network growth and coverage. Many homeowners have joined the project by adding more nodes worldwide. This network data helps Trackpac to work efficiently and provide top-notch tracking.

Item tracking
Trackpac offers additional high-level protection to your valuables and expensive belongings. As long as the LoRWAN tracker is attached to your item, you can visually follow and detect your asset wherever it is. This ultimately reduces the risk of losing your precious belongings.

Cost-effective Connectivity
The Helium Trackpac is inexpensive compared to other tracking technologies using the 4G network. You can purchase the Trackpac at least 10 times less than other tracking devices with similar attributes.

Real-Time tracking
Trackpac does well in providing a mobile app that makes the tracking technology a lot more user-friendly and easier to use. This allows you to monitor the asset attached to your tracker wherever it goes. Now you can seamlessly track your asset through the mapped-out visual readings and display on your phone.

This mobile app is compatible with various smartphones and tablets, including Android and Apple devices. You can install the Trackpac app via the Apple Store or Play store.

Pet Tracking
Trackpac is also perfect for shepherds or pet owners to avoid animals wandering off specific places.

You can create a geofence around a particular area, and you will receive alerts anytime your pets or animals leave these geofenced regions.

Helium Connectivity
With Trackpac, there are no 4G blind spots thanks to the smooth connectivity of the Helium Network. You do not have to worry about signing up with hardware to register your device or data packages.

Person Tracking
Trackback is not limited to tracking items alone. In cases where you have a relative- possibly one with dementia, this tracking technology comes in handy. With Trackpac, you can easily monitor and keep your loved ones close. This tracking device will send alerts whenever the person with the attached tracker leaves a geofence area.

Trackpac For Business
Trackpac is a vital piece of hardware for business companies and Industries. Although the device doesn't pick up the audio transmission, you still receive a lot of useful data that will be invaluable for business operations and the Internet of Things project.

Nowadays, there are so many assets you can QR to get valuable data to help you save, plan and measure, thus helping to save time and money.

Trackpac aims to deliver seamless integration with existing systems, which is great for businesses and industries. There are many ways to apply Trackpac to assist with the smooth running and tracking of business assets.

Asset Tracking
There's nothing more reassuring than knowing where your assets are at every point in time. With this tracking tech, you will be able to track your business items, packages, trollies, forklifts, etc. The tracking device will notify business owners where and when the assets are shipped.

Property Tracking
Trackpac offers geofence reading that helps to monitor the progress of your highly valuable and expensive shipments as they occur over time. The long-lasting batteries help constantly check the cargo location for a long time without running low on juice.

Location Tracking
Thanks to the long-distance connectivity of the Trackpac, you can monitor your valued business items and fleets when on-site and off-site. This will give you a clear reading on the condition of your goods and help indicate any possible abnormalities.

Trackback allows users to create a geofence around company vehicles which helps with micro-mobility location tracking and works well for various company vehicles, including ships, boats, vans, bikes, and cars.

Systematic Analysis
You can acquire a good amount of information from this tracking technology that will be useful for accounting.

With Trackpac, business owners will have precise data on certain factors regarding the shipments, such as fuel costs, distance covered, and delivery time. This keeps drivers on their toes and encourages on-time delivery or dispatch of goods.

Geofence Alerts
Trackpac allows users to set up a geofence around assets. This sends live alerts when your tracker leaves and exits a specific location.

How To Onboard tracker with Trackpac
Trackpac creates a seamless user experience and simplifies the onboarding tracker. The connection process is pretty simple, and unlike other traditional GPS devices, it doesn't require any hardware key registration.

First, you need to download the Trackpac mobile app on your mobile device. You can install it on Android and iOS devices via the Apple Store or Play Store. The next step works best for Android users. Scan the QR code on the back of your object locator, and you can begin tracking.

The mobile app offers proper visualization and more data on the LoRaWAN tracker's location and the battery's health. ButiPhones users will get a special QR code to scan using the app. Once the code is available, you can properly sync the tracker with your object locator.

Trackpac products and accessories are available for purchase, and anyone in North America can pick up this device on the Mapping Network official website.


Q: What is Trackpac?
Trackpac offers real-time location tracking by allowing users connect LoRaWAN trackers to the Helium network through Trackpac web or mobile apps, all at a very low cost. It allows you to monitor your assets, including personal belongings, pets, cargo, or vehicles, when stationed or moving.

Q: How is Trackpac different?
Trackpac uses Helium Network, which is different from other GPS tracking devices using 4G connectivity. With Trackpac, users get a reliable tracking technology that is about 10 times less than the average price of typical GPS devices.

Q: How Do I onboard a tracker with Trackpac?
Onboarding a tracker with your Trackpac simply requires the installation of the device's mobile app via the Play store or Apple store. Next, scan the QR using the app, which will let you sync and onboard a LoRaWAN compatible tracker.

Q: Why should I choose Trackpac?
With Trackpac, you will get a low-priced tracking device that doesn't compromise on quality. This technology also helps business owners problem-solve by providing necessary data that helps companies scale and grow.

Q: Where can I buy Trackpac comptable trackers?
We sell them. You can onboard any of the trackers found in our Shop. 


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