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NanoThings: Everything You Need To Know

NanoThings: Everything You Need To Know About This Technology

Aside from efficiency, innovations in this age are prioritizing things like environmental sustainability and size in creating new solutions. As a result, nanotechnologies are becoming one of the most popular technological advancements in recent history.

Nanotechnology is helping to considerably improve, even revolutionize, many technologies and industry sectors: information technology, homeland security, medicine, transportation, energy, food safety, and environmental science, among many others.

NanoThings is an innovative company that uses the knowledge of materials at a nano-level to create exciting new solutions and products such as nanotags and nano battery-life estimators.

In this blog post, we will provide a brief background to nanotechnology and explore some of the solutions by NanoThings and their use cases.

What Is NanoTechnology?
Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale which involves manipulating individual atoms and molecules to create useful structures, devices, and systems.

This technology is considered a significant advancement in modern engineering and science due to its potential uses in many industries. It allows the fabrication of products with features and qualities not achievable by traditional methods.
This means that scientists can use nanotechnology to create materials, devices, and systems with significantly improved properties compared to their traditional counterparts - such as increased strength, lighter weight, greater efficiency, and enhanced chemical stability.

How NanoThings Is Revolutionizing The Space
NanoThings is leveraging this technology to create revolutionary solutions such as nanotags, asset tracking tags, cold chain rejection monitoring tags, nano battery-life estimators, and more. These devices have many use cases in different industries, such as healthcare, logistics, transportation, retail, agriculture, etc.
To fully understand the range of work that NanoThings is doing, we must understand the kind of solutions that NanoThings are building for cross-sectional industry use. They are:

NanoThings Real Time
NanoThings Real Time is the NanoThings protocol for real-time temperature and location monitoring. NanoThings offers a real-time location system (RTLS) solution which utilizes nanotechnology to provide accurate and efficient asset tracking.
This solution allows customers to manage their assets, such as equipment, inventory, and personnel, in real-time – allowing for improved efficiency and better decision-making.

This solution can be applied for in-transit applications as well as static applications. The critical difference between these two applications is that the static monitoring solution is infrastructure-less and is utilized for tracking stationary assets.
Either way, NanoThings Real Time™ can be used for inventory, static, and facility temperature monitoring.

NanoThings Closed Loop
Nano Things Closed Loop is the world's first solution for source-to-store cold chain monitoring. NanoThings Closed Loop is a protocol that utilizes nanotechnology to provide an end-to-end asset-tracking solution.

It enables users to track assets in real-time and ensure that the cold chain remains intact. Combining both temperature and location monitoring allows for improved visibility of assets across their entire journey – from source to store.

Source-to-store cold chain monitoring is essential for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and many more – as it ensures that products arriving at their destination remain safe, fresh, and of optimal quality. This solution can track high-value items such as vaccines, medical supplies, or food. It also lets users detect any deviation from temperature thresholds in real-time.

This solution allows customers to monitor their assets in real-time and receive mobile notifications when deviations occur – ensuring that cold chain rejections are avoided, and asset inventory is accurate. Nano Things Closed Loop ™ can be used for both single-leg and multi-leg cold chain monitoring.
Innovative Nano Products By NanoThings

Nano Tags
NanoTags are tiny temperature and location monitoring tags that utilize nanotechnology to provide accurate and efficient asset tracking. The NanoTag can measure temperature, humidity, light, and other environmental conditions – allowing users to capture multiple data points in real time.

These tags come in various sizes and shapes, making them ideal for applications such as cold chain monitoring, asset tracking, building temperature monitoring, and more.

Nano Battery-Life Estimator
The Nano Battery-Life Estimator is a small device that uses nanotechnology to provide accurate battery life estimations of any equipment or machinery. This solution can be used in many applications, such as factory automation, medical device tracking, and logistics.

The battery life estimator is designed to accurately estimate the total time a battery can support an equipment's operation – allowing users to make decisions based on this data. This solution also allows users to track their assets in real-time and generate useful insights from collected data points.

Use Cases of NanoThings

Asset Tracking
Nano Things provides an asset-tracking solution that utilizes nanotechnology to provide real-time visibility and accurate location of assets. Nano tags can be discreetly placed in cargo to monitor if the distribution is being diverted.

Cold Chain Rejection Monitoring
This solution allows users to monitor temperature and location in real time, which is essential for cold chain monitoring. This allows them to detect any deviations from defined thresholds quickly, helping prevent cold chain rejections.

Predictive Maintenance
The Nano Battery-Life Estimator can be used in predictive maintenance, giving users an accurate estimate of the total time a battery can support an equipment's operation. This can help reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

Static Temperature Monitoring
NanoThings provides a static temperature-monitoring solution that can monitor indoor temperatures, such as in office buildings or storage facilities. This solution is ideal for ensuring that environments remain within an acceptable range and that occupants are comfortable. It also helps to stay regulation-compliant, especially in food businesses.

Final Thoughts
Overall, NanoThings provides innovative solutions utilizing nanotechnology to provide customers with efficient asset tracking and management. Its range of products allows users to track their assets in real-time, monitor temperature thresholds and deviances, and generate valuable insights from collected data points.

This technology is revolutionizing the way we manage our assets – allowing for greater control across industries. Additionally, NanoThings’ pioneer technology that allows source-to-store monitoring of the cold chain will be useful in driving development within the food and medicine industry, especially in the developing world.
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