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All About Helium 5G

All About Helium 5G

The Helium Network is a blockchain-based network created with a unique goal. The network aims to make the world more connected through a wireless network. The helium network has developed innovative solutions to the world of IoT (Internet of Things) without compromising its users’ privacy, thanks to its decentralized platform.

The company was able to connect hotspots thanks to the open-source wireless network called LoRaWAN. It is a vast area network that enables the different helium hotspots to communicate with each other wirelessly. The helium network quickly gained popularity because of the cryptocurrency incentive for owning a hotspot.

This popularity led to serious growth in the company, and the community began to consider how to move forward. On the 14th of April, 2021, the helium community moved to pass the HIP 27, which meant they would be the world's first consumer-owned 5G network.

What is 5G?

You must have heard about 5G from your phone companies trying to market their new flagship phone or carrier telling you about their new plans for their 5G network coverage. You might have heard about the outrageous stories linking the covid outbreak to 5G. However, like 4G, 5G translates to faster internet connectivity.

5G doesn't mean 5GHz. It's not the frequency of radio waves that connect. 5G refers to the 5th generation of mobile networks — It's designed to connect the whole world. This includes machines, objects, and devices.

When it comes to internet connectivity. 5G has achieved breakthrough internet speeds that most people thought were impossible, especially the millimetre-wave 5G. It has improved latency, capacity, and efficiency compared to the previous generations.

What is Helium 5G?

The Helium network generally uses LoRaWAN to connect different hotspots around the world. LonFi can go long distances, and if antennas are placed in optimal positions, it can connect a good number of helium hotspots.

The Helium network in North America operates using the US915 MHz frequency. This is limited because it can only carry a tiny amount of data like the tracking information of the device it beams from. Higher frequencies allow for the transfer of more significant amounts of data. This is where 5G comes in. With 5G, you can blast a full-fledged high definition video over 1000 feet with a clear line of sight. 

The Parts of a 5G Hotspot

The helium 5G hotspot has similar components to the regular LoRa hotspot. It is made up of the: Miner, Radio, and the Antenna.

The Miner or Hotspot is the part that is responsible for mining the Helium token called HNT. The usual brands like Nebra, RAK, etc., come with an included radio and antenna, which means you’re ready to go with one device. With the 5G devices, it is different.

The FreedomFi hotspot is the leading hotspot provider for the helium miner. They allow you to split your miner into its parts. This is advantageous because you can easily swap out defective parts and upgrade specific details during future upgrades.

The FreedomFi radio allows you to mine with high radio frequencies in the 3.5-3.7 GHz spectrum. You also can get a radio paired with an antenna or have them separate. It all depends on each specific setup.

For the antenna, it comes as a separate package from the radio and the hotspot. You can easily upgrade to a better antenna. However, the antennas for the 3.5-3.7 spectrum can be costly, with the high-end enthusiast starting at about $10,000.

The high-end antennas aren't a necessity and you can use a mid-range antenna that goes for about $1,000.

Where to Place your Helium 5G miner

The Helium 5G works differently from the regular LoRa miner. This means that their mode of operation is entirely different. Similar to the LoRa hotspot, your miner needs to be active and continuously working for the Helium Network for you to earn.

Location is the most important consideration with regards to earning with Helium 5G. The miner makes HNT when it can provide quality internet to people. You might assume that the best way to achieve this is to place your antenna at a location where it would connect to many people.

In theory a preferred location for the 5G hotspot is a place with poor internet reception. Since your hotspot acts as a network provider, you would be able to attract people in the vicinity to use your hotspot, meaning you're earning.

How Much Can You Earn With Helium 5G?

The 5G helium miner would earn you more than your Helium Hotspot. The average high earner passively earned $1000 - $2000 per month. The absolute highest earner with the 5G router could be making $60/hr. This is incredibly high compared to the LoRa earner.

The 5G data seems like it would be paid out around the range of $0.5/Gb processed. This is a great deal when you compare that major telcos pay $2/Gb on their antennas. Honestly, the chances of you making that kind of money with the helium 5G are low.


With the rise in popularity of helium mining, the space is becoming more saturated. The innovation of the 5G miner offers Helium enthusiasts a new way to make even more passive income. It is a significant step up from the LoRaWAN-based miners.

With this new mining tech, you would be able to earn more than double your LoRa earnings on a bad day. The Helium Network is an innovative company that strives to do better with each update and improvement to its services.

Disclaimer: This space is changing daily with the recent change and addition of Chapter 2. You can find more information here.


What is the Range of the Helium 5G FreedomFi Hotspot?
An indoor setup would reach about 1000 feet on a good day, but it usually averages 500 feet. At the same time, outdoor setups with a good line of sight would max out at 2000 -3000 feet.

What kind of Internet Connection can I provide?
This is entirely up to you and the bandwidth you can afford. No matter where your antenna is located, people would be restricted to whatever kind of internet you provide. However, there is a caveat. The earnings you get from the network increase with the amount of data you can process. The lower the bandwidth, the less the data processed and vice versa

Therefore, it is advisable to balance what you can responsibly afford and your potential earnings with the kind of internet provided. So you can break even as soon as possible.

How can I test the Wireless signal?
The cheapest and best way to do this is to use a 5G enabled phone. You can download an app called Network Cell Info Lite for simple testing. You can also check your advanced network settings to see the network you're using.


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