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A Review of the Hotspotty

A Review of the Hotspotty

Hotspotty.net is a significant game-changer to the Helium network. This site offers a vast catalog of services — including understanding hotspot data, managing your hotspot, and planning and optimizing your network performance. The fantastic features of Hotspotty are accessible from the comfort of your phone.

Onboarding and messaging for Helium Hotspot owners.

The application intrigues users who manage larger fleets because it offers premium subscriptions. Additionally, the app provides top-notch professional consultation services to its users who encounter one or more problems utilizing the platform.

The app is available on both iOS and Android, and it gives access to MNTD, SenseCAP M1, NEBRA and other hotspot manufacturers. APIs collect data directly to give hotspot owners a detailed description of their fleets. This review will give you an overview of everything you need to know about using this app, including how it works, what features it has, and where you can download it.

New features since launch
The Hotspotty app launch has been an enormous success for both the developers and the Helium community. Launched in December 2020 by Daniel Andrade and Maxime Goossens, the app’s users have steadily increased.

The recent Hotspotty 2.0 launched last summer already has over 245,000 registered users! This new update fixed many bugs, resolved the performance challenges, and added new features to the Hotspotty app; it is clear they are here to please the users and solve the problems the Helium community has been facing.

Visualize and understand your hotspot data
Hotspotty provides more information about your Helium hotspots than most available tools. Their sleek wallet analytic dashboard gives hotspot owners a clear history of payment transactions, rewards, e.t.c. The app also allows multiple wallets, enabling hotspot owners to transact HNT easily across various accounts.

The wallets overview shows you in detail all wallets you've done a transaction with, the amount paid, current balance, e.t.c. It also offers you all wallets you have added to your account and their verification status. You are also provided with a list of the dates of transactions, amount received or sent, receipt, and payment status.

The Hotspotty connect dashboard makes it easy for you to understand all your hotspots at a glance. It helps you know how your hotspots are fairing daily by giving you essential data and statistics on all your hotspots' performances over time.

Hotspotty Connect Dashboard

Knowledge is power, they say; that's why Hotspotty keeps you on top of your game with the latest trends in the Helium community and what you also need to know about the app.

Now you can dive deeper to know more about your hotspots and their performances individually. The advanced hotspot overview helps keep you in the know of the status and data of your hotspots. You can now accurately discern what's increasing or decreasing your reward percentage.

Manage and optimize your hotspot sites
Users can now add multiple locations to their accounts on the Hotspotty app. Finding locations has been made easy by integrating a global search function. The location management tool lets you see all areas you added, the rewards in each site, and your earnings.

It also enables you to understand the reward scale depending on the area your hotspot is located, like the HNT earnings in each location and how additional installations will affect the performance of your hotspots.

The line of site tool provided by Hotspotty is a fantastic tool helping users know if their hotspot will perform well in the location of their choice or if the terrain will impede the signal of their hotspots.

Setup, monitor and manage all your hotspots.

Monitoring, Notifications & Management
Hotspot owners can easily monitor and manage all their hotspots on the app with advanced notifications, hotspot status, e.t.c. They can pair and configure their hotspots from the app directly.

Users can run smart diagnostics to look deeper into their hotspot's connectivity status. This feature helps because users can get notified via emails when their hotspots are offline or not synchronized, keeping you on top with detailed information on all your hotspots.

Dashboard, Monitoring, Notifications & Management

Your team and the Helium network community
Hone your skills as a Helium hotspot manager with Hotspotty. Hotspotty has a feature where you can seamlessly communicate and collaborate with the Helium community and work with various teams.

Use their cloud-based management system to track, manage, and optimize the performance of your fleet. With the use of this app, you can serve and interact with your team at a faster rate and have a better team support experience.

Hotspotty app lets you create a workspace where you can relate with your team about the hotspots you're managing. Having a fleet can be strenuous for you to operate on your own; Hotspotty allows you to invite other members to your team and discuss a particular source of data. You also have the option to create different workspaces for different persons/teams.

Another feature is how users can interact with the Helium community around them. This can be achieved after users have their wallets verified, automatically enabling them to join a separate Discord channel with users who own hotspots in the neighboring location.

Advanced payment technology
Have you constantly stressed about managing your hotspot payments? Well, Hotspotty's new payment technology is the solution you have been waiting for; This new feature allows you to see all the contacts you've paid, the payment method you used for each, and the amount you assigned to each of your contacts.

It also allows you to view the wallet addresses of your various contacts and helps you keep track of the payment status of each. It helps you to have a detailed report on individual contact or payment status, making it easy to keep track.

Online, Not Relayed, Synced.

The payment technology also helps you to keep track of all your HNT transactions and wallet addresses of your various contacts. Sometimes you can make an error of sending twice as much while transacting. Still, the new hotspotty payment technology prevents duplicate transactions and nudges you to crosscheck your payments before completing your transaction.

Bulk payments can also be made on the Hotspotty app with just a single QR Code; Up to 25 people per code, or unlimited number of hosts if used from the mobile app with the deep-link functionality to the Official Helium Wallet. This feature eases the stress on users and makes customers happy.

The Hotspotty connect app is a tool for keeping track and managing your Helium hotspots using our secure, easy-to-use platform. The well-designed interface gives users a user-friendly experience and easy navigation across all devices.

Summary of Hotspotty Connect - Mapping Network

The Hotspotty app helps improve the Helium hotspot community by enabling hotspot owners across all remote to communicate, share data and improve their business from the comfort of their phones. This multi-step app helps the hotspot community troubleshoot, check on reputation, receive support, and get paid in HNT by participating in hotspot-related events.

This mobile app has a unique feature built with Helium hotspot owners in mind. It allows you to own your account information, manage your fleet and provides an easy way to pay for your hotspots.

The app also allows you to login into their local community hub--where you can find hotspotters nearby; meet new friends, and interact with other Helium users in the neighborhood where your hotspot is located.

From the sleek interface to the new features, the Hotspotty app is one of the tools you can have in your arsenal as a hotspot owner. The various possibilities the app can help you do is voluminous to the point one might think it's a cheat, but this is the real deal.

After looking through the app, we can say the developers are working earnestly to solve the challenges the Helium community faces.

The Hotspotty app won't stop at this point alone; we are confident that more updates will keep rolling out, as we have seen them do consistently on their website since their launch over the years. The new features are something to always look out for, so we strongly advise hotspot owners to use this revolutionary tool to the best of their capabilities.

We believe this has given you the confidence to try this app out and give it the flowers it truly deserves. We hope it brings you peace of mind and opens new doors to your mining as well as the management of your Helium hotspots.

"The Hotspotty connect app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Playstore respectively."


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