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7 Best Helium Miners to Earn HNT

7 Best Helium Miners to Earn HNT

Disclaimer: Mapping Network only sells US915 versions of Helium Hotspot Miners.

Helium mining, blockchain, and cryptocurrency are popular phrases in every conversation these days. Understanding hardware requirements and how cryptocurrency is mined can help you. All you need is an internet connection, a gateway, a mining machine, and an antenna, thanks to blockchain-based cryptocurrency Helium.

Helium Network is a relatively new and inexpensive option to passively earn the cryptocurrency token, Helium (HNT). You can get a Helium miner for under $600 CAD, set it up, and begin making HNT while you sleep.

When starting a helium mining operation, you must choose your site and miner. Then, to earn HNT properly, you need to pick the perfect Helium hotspot. This guide will explain some things about the Helium Network and the Best Miner to Earn HNT.

What Is The Helium Network?
The Helium is a brand-new blockchain network Network is created to build open, decentralized wireless networks. The Helium Network is a peer-to-peer technology similar to the existing WiFi technology.

The Helium Network differs from the traditional WiFi network in several ways, including its open-source nature, full device-to-cloud encryption, dependability and scalability, and commitment to open cooperation. In addition, Helium miners are compensated for developing and expanding the network.

Helium mining requires radio wave validation of network activity. It is termed proof of coverage (POC). Helium Hotspots employ just 5 watts of power which use yearly electricity costs of less than $10 CAD.

What Is A Helium Miner?
Helium miners can also be called "Helium hotspots." It is a small router-like device that allows anyone to contribute and benefit from a wireless network of Internet of Things ( loT) devices. Helium miners can send data for half of the cost of conventional cellular networks, enabling connectivity over distances of hundreds of kilometers.

Since Helium miners are peer-to-peer devices, they can communicate over short and long distances. Considering this before determining where to put up your miner would be best. We'll explain below how the number of other Helium miners in your neighborhood directly impacts your capacity to make money from it.

How does Helium Mining Work?
Helium mining works by powering the Helium Network, also known as the people's network, and then setting up WiFi router-like devices. Your device creates Proof-of-Coverage (PoC) challenges for other routers, increases the network's data transfer range, completes PoC jobs supplied by others, and monitors the PoC activities of accessible mining hotspots in the background. In general, there are five ways to earn the most HNT from mining Helium, and they include:

  • Witness the challenge (up to 47.11%)
  • Be a PoC Challenger (up to 2.11%)
  • Network Data Transfer (up to 35%)
  • Join PoC challenge (up to 11.78%)
The percentage represents the portion of HNT mining rewards you can receive based on your selected activity. You might carry out one or more of these tasks, depending on your surroundings (and the hotspot device). 

Disclaimer: It should be emphasized that Helium mining does not ensure consistent crypto mining profitability, similar to other types of mining.

Risks of Helium Mining
Rewards from mining are not guaranteed. The biggest issues appear when you're the lone miner in a particular area. You cannot participate in PoC activities or serve as a witness in that case. To earn HNT regularly, you must be in the challenger position.

These entities create PoC challenges for other hotspots known as Challenges or Beacons. The Beacon then accepts and completes the PoC challenge before a nearby Witness. You should be aware that all activities that generate rewards are fully automatic and arbitrary. And once your smartphone is turned on, you don't have to move a finger.

What are The Best Helium Hotspot Miners to Earn HNT?
Helium, Inc. made the initial batch of miners. Subsequently, they permitted certain corporations to do the same. Therefore, before buying a helium miner, make sure it is on the website's official list of helium miner manufacturers. Now that you already have adequate knowledge of helium miners and how you can go about them, we'll describe some of the best helium miners for HNT you can use.

1. SenseCAP M1 Indoor Hotspot Miner

It is a high-performing, pre-configured LoRaWAN indoor gateway that is compatible. The SenseCAP M1 enables you to create LoRa applications at a minimal cost and connects to The People's Network in only a few easy steps and minutes. For LoRa/LoRaWAN devices, SenseCAP M1 offers miles of wireless network coverage and a high data transfer rate. It enables you to join and support The People's Network's infrastructure while taking advantage of the Helium community's advantages.

  • Frequency Support: US915, EU868, AU915, KR920, AS923, IN865, RU864
2. Nebra ROCK Pi Miner

This is a new HNT miner, one of the best you can get in town. The setup won't take a long time when you use a smartphone. It does not consume much power. It is the same as the power consumed by a broadband router (15W). Basic (free) and Advanced are the two plans offered by Nebraska ROCK Pi. The auto-updating aspect of the basic plan is represented by the advanced tier's remote administration, which also includes device performance and stats.

  • Frequency Support: US915, EU 868, AU915, KR920, AS923

3. MNTD.

MNTD. Helium Miner - Mapping Network

MNTD Helium Miners is one of RAKwireless's Special editions. It has the biggest RAM, and it is readily available. It is sufficient to address any blockchain problems in the future. Be especially prepared since every second matters. This is one of the high-quality HNT miners in the market. It has several unique features that make it stand out.

  • Frequency Support: US915, EU868, AU915, KR920, AS923
4. Bobcat Miner 300

Bobcat Miner - Bobber 300 - Mapping Network

The Bobcat Miner 300 is a high-quality miner hotspot for the HNT (Helium) coin. It was the most liked and used miner in 2021. The Helium project creates a mesh network for external devices by linking individual hotspots with a LoRaWAN antenna. The setup is finished using the Helium app on your iOS or Android smartphone. This miner is exclusively intended for usage in North America and is the US 915 MHz version.

Additionally, this is the more recent Bobcat Miner 300 with 2GB RAM. The Bobcat Miner 300 2GB 915MHz, 4dbi antenna with base, power adapter, and mounting screws are all included in the box's contents.

  • Frequency Support: US915, AU915, KR920, AS923, EU868
5. Browan MerryIOT Hotspot Miner

Browan MerryIOT Hotspot Miner - Mapping Network

The MerryIoT Hotspot Miner by Browan complies with the most recent hardware specifications for mining HNT; it has 4 GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC fast flash storage. Although Browan Merryiot has an internal antenna, an external one can increase the range. In addition, its eMMC storage, which indicates ultra-fast beacon discovery, makes it unique.

  • Frequency Support: US915, EU868, AS923, AU915

6. Milesight LoRaWAN Hotspot

Milesight LoRaWAN Hotspot - Mapping Network

The Milesight UG65 Helium hotspot Miner is the helium version of their UG65 LoRaWAN gateway. It has an IP65 enclosure, is semi-industrial production-grade, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to +70 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 95% humidity.

  • Frequency Support: US915, EU868, AU915, KR920, AS923, AS923-2, KR920, IN865, RU864, CN470
7. Mimiq FinestraMiner

Mimiq FinestraMiner - Mapping Network

FinestraMiner is a high-quality Helium-compatible hotspot that gives you wireless network coverage to the Helium 5G network (People's Network). Helium network is the world's fast-growing and biggest LoRaWAN network. FinestraMiner allows you to connect several loT devices to a long-fi technology. It can cover over 10 miles away.

  • Frequency Support: US915, EU868
  • Soon to be Supported: RU864, IN865, AU915, KR920, AS923

The Helium Network is a great way to earn the HNT cryptocurrency passively. The price of Helium miners has started to come down. The reason for this is the supply change has finally caught up with the demand. 

We highly recommend doing your own research and looking at what Helium hotspot manufacturer you want to support. There has been several companies banned/blacklisted from selling hotspots miners. You want a company that is going to continue to support and update their products. This is one of the factors that we put into creating this list.

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